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Our wide-ranging security consulting services encompass everything from active shooter education and response planning to thorough vulnerability assessments and site hardening recommendations. With a commitment to safety at every level, we also specialize in Stand-Alone Countermeasure Systems assessment and testing. Trust us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your security needs.

Active Shooter Seminar

Awareness | Preparation | Response

We specialize in active shooter seminars, covering awareness, preparation, and response, ensuring your team is well-prepared to handle such critical situations with comprehensive training. Trust us for expert guidance in enhancing your security readiness.

1. Awareness Before Event

Before an active shooter event, developing heightened awareness is crucial for your safety and that of others. This involves situational awareness, staying vigilant, being in tune with your surroundings, and recognizing potential danger signs as key elements of preparedness.

2. Responding to the Active Shooter Event

When responding to an active shooter event, quick and effective actions are paramount to survival. Our seminar equips you with essential response strategies and practical skills, empowering you to make informed decisions and take immediate steps to protect yourself and others during these critical moments.

3. Post Event

After an active shooter event, it’s crucial to know how to react and recover effectively. Our seminar provides guidance on post-event actions, including victim responsibilities, PTSD, and interactions & expectations with law enforcement.

Active Shooter

Refresher Seminar

Stay prepared and informed with our refresher seminar, ensuring your readiness remains sharp year-round.

Typically held annually at the client’s request.


Our active shooter facility assessment and hardening services are designed to enhance the security of your premises, specifically safeguarding against active shooter incidents. We initiate the process with a client-led discussion, allowing us to gain insights into your specific wants and needs. From there, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your facility, identifying vulnerabilities and weak points. With your input and our expertise, we offer practical recommendations and implement strategies to reinforce your space, ensuring it becomes a formidable defense against active shooter events. This collaborative approach ensures that your facility’s security measures align with your goals, providing you with a customized solution to enhance safety and security.

Custom Active Shooter Response Plan

Our active shooter response plan encompasses comprehensive policies and procedures tailored to your organization's unique needs. We work closely with you to develop a detailed plan that includes clear protocols for recognizing and responding to active shooter incidents. By integrating these policies and procedures into your organization's safety framework, we ensure that your team is well-prepared to handle such critical situations effectively, reducing risk and protecting lives. This collaborative approach guarantees that the plan aligns seamlessly with your specific requirements, providing a solid foundation for managing active shooter incidents with confidence and effectiveness.

Full VULNERABILITY and Risk Assessment

Our comprehensive full vulnerability and risk assessment services include a thorough evaluation of your security landscape, addressing potential threats across various domains. This process starts with a client-led discussion to understand your needs. We then conduct various testing and analysis to identify vulnerabilities and risk, which include threat assessments and the examining of your existing security measures, leading to actionable recommendations to strengthen your security.

Countermeasure Systems Assessment and Testing

Our Countermeasure Systems Assessment & Testing services are designed to ensure that your security measures are effective and reliable. We utilize the “5 D’s” approach to assess the robustness of your countermeasure systems. Through rigorous testing and analysis, we assess their ability to deter, detect, delay, deny, and defend against potential threats, providing valuable insights to enhance your security.